Acting In The Importance Of Being Earnest Analysis

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Acting for the Representation of Self-Identity
“All the word’s is a stage.” (Shakespeare) Acting is a key term for the play The Importance of Being Earnest. Society becomes the stage for the characters for representing their double characters. Female and male characters shape their identities and expectations in order to fit in the society. If we create a correlation with Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest, doubling factor will be similar but in a different way. The main character of the novel represents the double identification in order to serve his individual needs, however, the characters in the play analyze the social needs and convert those expectations in order to their self-representation.
The idea of ‘I love acting. It is so much more real than life’ can be examined in two ways. First, the concept of adoration towards acting includes the idea of Oscar Wilde’s telling lies. We can consider ‘acting’ as a way of lying while expressing your identity. The main characters, Jack and Algernon lie about their identities for the sake of fitting
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The creator of this atmosphere is the role playing of the characters and the double setting correlates with the influence of double characterization. “What began as the high-spirited and largely unreflective “posing” of a young aesthete in the early 1880s would turn deadly serious in time as Wilde grappled with the anxieties and difficulties of forming a new, performative interpretation of life.” (Powell, “Acting Wilde: - Victorian Sexuality, Theatre, and Oscar Wilde”) Imitation, posing and acting associate with the process of lying, whereas, they are the common features of that one should own to adapt his/her self-identity to real life. If we want to identify the relation between the acting process and the real life, we should eliminate ourselves from the point of view of the audience and join the ‘worlds’
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