Acting Masterclass Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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MasterClass is a fast growing company who offers online classes from screenwriting, singing to acting. They are a service that would allow anybody to learn from real experienced professionals about the subject at hand and allow students to progress through the online class at their own pace. These ads contain familiar actors like Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, but also Werner Herzog a screenwriter/film director. These advertisement’s tie in two most very used rhetorical appeals and those are Ethos and Pathos.
The first rhetorical appeal used in these ads is ethos. We follow Kevin Spacey’s Acting MasterClass and already this ad has established credibility as he’s a famous actor. When taking any course, whether college or any learning program you would want to have a teacher or professor that has been in your place and has gotten the experience to able to teach you and perhaps leave you with some knowledge that they have received during their journey. Kevin Spacey is a professional and has gained the experience that was able to get him where he
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During the opening scene in Kevin Spacey’s Acting MasterClass, you see him doing impressions creating humor and at the same time telling the audience how making his mother laugh was how he got started to long path of acting. As you progress through the ad he is commentating on the points of acting with inspirational music captivating the audience to make them listen to express oneself and ideas that many actors go through. When we look at Werner Herzog’s Filmmaking MasterClass ad, we see similarities in the theme for inspiration using music, but also shows his emotions to those he has taught. In the background you would see old films and how he ties that with the idea that film is like treasure. To the end he almost riles up the audience in a climax of words that drive many filmmakers to the beauty of film, capturing moments through a lens to express to the whole

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