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The creator of the action learning method is professor Reginald Revans. The method was first applied in the forties of the twentieth century. He was associated with the British industry and health care - working in these institutions, came to the conclusion that conventional teaching methods are highly inefficient. There are a couple of stories about how Revans came to this method. Revans teach teams by drawing conclusions from their actions, and not impose on them previously presented theories and diagrams. One of them says that during his classes Revans noticed that the time participants spend on breaks is more efficient than an hour sitting in the classroom. These people exchange their experiences, discussed specific cases and analyse …show more content…

This method is an excellent tool for open dialogue and teamwork, developing teams towards continuous improvement and learning, is used for the transfer of knowledge, values and experiences of people who work together. Action learning is much more than technology training. This is an extremely effective and efficient way of working, which allows to realise the objectives of both professional and developmental. With daily tasks create educational situation that allows company to grow.
By this method participants learn how to analyse and draw conclusions. They look forward to what is real and constant, not abstract and theoretical. This work will bring great results, however, must be skilfully prepared and carried out. Then is a perfect tool for managers to conduct a constructive process of permanent change in the organisation.

During action learning, participants develop their knowledge and skills related to the use of methodology of teaching activities in working with the group to develop their skills in practice. The facilitator refers to the actual situation, the experience of participants, treating them as an object of reflection and a source of effective planning of activities in the group. Participants learn how at the same time solve the dilemmas of everyday …show more content…

Individual responsibility - team members are responsible for solving their own problems. This approach differs from the method action learning other methods used for this type of problems.
4. Action - team members are committed to active participation in the workshop. Not only are looking for a theoretical solution to the problem, but implement the solutions proposed by the team.

Each member of the group preparing the issue, which he/she wants to talk with others (for professional matters). Action learning method supports the organisation in the face of the need to make breakthrough changes affecting organisational culture. In the team there positive developments on personal development, communication and build trust, focus on the development of the entire organisation.
Meetings using the method action learning could take place regularly e.g. once in month and is accompanied by the facilitator, who cares about the process.
Due to ensure proper dynamic work teams should not be too large 6 to 8

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