Action Motivation: Action Observation Reflection Model

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The action-observation reflection model allows you to reflect back on your own individual experiences, observe and consider the outcomes, and determine whether or not your performance was effective or not. By reflecting back, you will be able to determine what skills worked best and what skills need improvement. Blaming others when things go bad rather than taking ownership and responsibility is a common mistake leaders tend to make. This is the opportunity to observe actions and determine what decisions or behaviors affected the employee’s performance. Learning from your past experience is the number one way in developing and improving your leadership performance. Making the most of experience is key to developing one’s leadership ability.…show more content…
Activities that we are involved in at work or outside of work can provide learning opportunities to improve our leadership skills and abilities. For instance, I like to coupon. What I find that couponing teaches me, on a personal level, is organization, patience, and appreciation. Being on committees at work allows me to develop and improve my social skills, goal-setting, taking risks, and being open. Being in school studying leadership studies, educates and gives me a foundation of what the meaning of leadership is and what makes a great leader. By taking embracing all these experiences, both personally and professionally, allows me to enrich the benefits of my present leadership experience.
2. If you were to design the perfect leadership development experience for yourself, how would you do so and what would it include? How would you know whether it was effective? Use the assigned readings to support your
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In my leadership development plan, I will start by reflecting on myself, experiences, and accomplishments. No leader has all of the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful; as a result, most leaders have multiple development needs (Hughes, 2015). There are many leadership traits that play a major role in leadership development. Leaders should have the intelligence to articulately solve problems effectively. Taking courses and reading books are good ways for leader to acquire foundational knowledge, but new skills will be acquired only when they are practiced on the job (Hughes, 2015). Staying involved in activities, shadowing, and observing what others do will also help build intelligence. Next in my plan, I would include obtaining a mentor who is willing to take me under their wing and would bring forth valuable perspectives and insights through close association (Hughes, 2015). Leadership development through feedback-based approaches can help identify” blind spots” an individual may be unaware of, as well as help prioritize which aspects of leadership development represent the highest priorities for developmental focus (Hughes, 2015). This is the plan I would design in developing myself into a “perfect”

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