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18 February 2015 1. Action research/Case study
Reason and Bradbury (2008:1) define action research as “a family of practices of living inquiry that aims, in a great variety of ways, to link practice and ideas in the service of human flourishing.”
A case study is a research strategy wherein a sample of the population of interest is intensively studied to try to understand the population (Gerring, 2004).
Action research and case studies are similar in that they are both carried out for the purposes of understanding a phenomenon. Case studies allow the researcher to make inferences from historical data, whereas action studies reach conclusions during the study.

2. Cluster analysis/Cohort analysis
Cluster analysis sorts objects by similarity or by certain variables, then suggests structural breaks in the data to form clusters or groups (Peseau and Tudor, 1988)
A cohort analysis is doe by studying how the shared experiences of a group over the same time period affected the group or individuals within in the group (Reynolds and Rentz, 1981).
These are both data-sorting methods. Cluster analysis can be used to classify using any common variable nut cohort analysis requires subjects to have a shared experience.

3. Constructionism/Constructivism
Constructivism is the theory wherein a researcher constructs their own knowledge through the way he or she understands the specific topic, and is based on

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