Aims Of Action Research Essay

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Having thought about the aims and objectives to evaluate this research study I had to consider the selection of the preferred method of data collection has a purpose. To evaluate a research study to gain in-depth information, regardless the method style of data collection. The choice of collecting the data depends largely on the question which the researcher wishes to obtain information. However each method has its particular strength and weakness, therefore when researcher chooses a research method, researcher need to use the most appropriate method that support the data collection. A research method consists of four methods to gain data, which is questionnaire,interviews and observation. According to Bowling (2005) researcher need to consider the requirement of method of collecting data depends on the quality and accuracy. In this research study planned to use the questionnaire, focus group and interview method to gain in-depth information on the researcher topic “Reading and language development through play for Early years ESL Students”.

Action Research
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In the process of doing this there are ethical aspects to be considered by teachers. The action research aim is mainly for teachers to collaborate actively to improve their practical approaches based on the inquiry. The other key attributes of this action research are that it will allow teachers and researchers to evaluate critically, reflecting on the data gathered. According to Reason and Bradbury (2001) the primary purpose of the action research is for teachers to identify the practical side of how knowledge is used in our daily life. The action research method deals with real life situation in any working environment,therefore it is easier for teachers to develop professionalism in their field of
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