Comedy And Hangover: Movie Genre

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MOVIE GENRES Those who like movies may have favorites, but those who love movies cannot possibly have any, as famously said by Nicole Yatsonsky. A movie is constituted by successive images or films presented under sequence. The sole purpose of a movie is to provide entertainment relative to its genre. Though there many are different types of movie genres, amongst the most prominent are Comedy and Action. There has been a significant correlation observed between the plot characteristics and character development and interaction in both genres. The difference in the characters and presentation of both genres is evident when watching the respective genres, it can immediately be noticed how comedy movies place a greater emphasis on humorous acts and silly jokes. Therefore, the characters also partake greatly in the silly jokes. The…show more content…
The three also discover that the bachelor had gone missing, and thus go on the quest to recover him before the wedding. This movie portrays the fundamental principles of comedy movies; the plot creates an interesting, comedic scene where three friends ‘lost’ the bachelor while they have to go through strong, comedic challenges to retrieve their friend. Conversely, Action movies are different in the regard that they illustrate the main character as the ‘Hero’ often defined through a combination of deep moral and physical characteristics. The defining factor of Action movies is their violent
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