Actions In Voltaire's Candide

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In Voltaire’s book, Candide, many characters are faced with challenges that test their decisions in tough situations. Candide is a prime example of the way experiences impacts his thinking and reaction in situations. His head is all wrapped up in Pangloss’s philosophical idea of, “All is for the best”, which leads Candide to believe many things are happening for a reason. Many people change over time due to experiences they encounter in life. As Candide is on his adventure he is enlightened by the world around him. Oliver Wendall Homes, once said, “a moment 's insight is sometimes worth a life 's experience.” In the beginning of the book, Voltaire describes Candide as, “ a young man whom nature had endowed with the gentlest of characters” (Voltaire 1). In Candide, Candide character’s evolves after he was demanded to leave the castle of the Lord Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh because he kissed the Lady Baroness, Cunégonde. Once Candide embarked on his adventure, he was expecting the unknown. Being left with nothing but seventy-one quartering’s to his name, he found himself taken in by two men dressed in blue. Candide being a gentleman offers to pay them in return, although the men believe in helping a man in need and nothing in return. His attitude towards giving back to those who give where tested in that situation. First example of Candide’s learning experience is when Candide has the desire to save the sailor and the Anabaptist that’s drowning in the Lisbon water.

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