Actions Of Romeo In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo’s actions were carried out in the wrong mindset. First off, he is impulsive. Secondly, Romeo is a very emotional person. Lastly, he is ambitious. Romeo is a very impulsive young man. For example, he followed Julie around during the party like a lovesick puppy after the first time he saw her. After that, he went off and married her two days later. And the, he committed suicide when he got false news that Juliet had died. He definitely should’ve thought before he acted. Emotional is a very good adjective to use for Romeo. He started off the play crying over Rosaline not loving him back. He later pitched a fit when the Prince banished him, even though he should’ve been sentenced to death. Then, after Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo killed Tybalt in a fit of rage.…show more content…
He wanted to see Juliet again so badly that he ran away from his friends to go and see her in secret. He even killed Tybalt even though Tybalt is supposedly the better swordsman. Then after he was banished, he returned to Verona to come see Juliet even though if he was caught there he’d be killed. Romeo did not think very much if at all before he acted. Romeo is impulsive. He’s very emotional. H likes to get what he wants, making him ambitious. With all this in mind, Romeo’s actions were carried out in the wrong
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