Process Essay: Three Components Of Being An Elderly

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Aging well is very personalized depending on the person since everyone has their own health issues at different ages. To be an active elderly I think there are three components that help them thrive at an older age. The first thing is to stay active. Utilizing your muscles and keeping them active is crucial since if you do not use your muscles they start to weaken and stiffen up. How active one is depends on their health, if an elderly can only do range of motion exercises can-do wonders and keep their bodies functioning at high levels despite of the normal aging process. Secondly, it is important to eat well. Keeping a nutritious diet is important to helping the body especially when one’s appetite usually diminishes with age. Finally, being social is very important to aging well. I personally believe from seeing my grandma move into a senior living center she has thrived more since she has been able to be more…show more content…
This screen looks at food intake and weight loss over the last three months, mobility, psychological stress, neuropsychological problems, and their BMI. Donna reports that her food intake has not decreased over the last three months, which scores her a two. She has not lost weight in the last three months so she scored a three. Donna goes out and is active with her friends and family. Being active gives her a score of two. She has not suffered any psychological stress in the last three months, which gives her a score of two. Next, she scored a two for having no neuropsychological problems. Finally, I calculated Donna’s BMI. She is five feet and five inches tall and weighs one hundred and sixty-five pounds which gives her a BMI of twenty-seven point five. Since her BMI is greater than twenty-three, she scores three points. I totaled her score and she scored fourteen out of a max score of fourteen. This score shows that Donna has a normal nutritional status

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