Aspects Of Self-Directed Learning

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1. Describe the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner?
One of the essential aspects is to have the attitude to make your goal happen. The person who does not wait for some reason to study but just go study is probably a successful self-directed learner. Not having someone to encourage you can be a struggle, but a self-directed learner can act autonomously and easily achieve the established goals.
There is also the need to have the self-discipline to organize your time and plan your study strategy. Finding your own rhythm and methods are crucial to improve your learning. Self-directed learners has also the responsibility of monitoring their own progress.
A good sign of the intrinsically motivated learner
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The active learner apply everything learned on his/her own life, helping to memorize the subject and to improve his or her own points of view. Go deeper on the subject not because of the grades is another essential aspect.
Given these points, the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner are: attitude, self-discipline, responsibility, pleasure for learning, and be engaged on the assignments.
2. Identify two areas of personal strength and two areas of personal weakness in being a self-motivated and engaged student.
Two areas of personal strength: I consider myself as having self-discipline. I can set my goals and achieve them quite easily. Additionally, I can manage my time efficiently. I have time to study, to work and importantly, for leisure. I have been studying on my own for the past few years like this and it has been working so far.
Two areas of personal weakness: I do not have intrinsic motivation enough. My interest in learning is selective; for some subjects, I am completely motivated but not for all of them. Another weakness is not taking attitude as much as I should. I have so many plans in my mind but they just remain there as plans.
3. Plan at least 5 strategies for personal growth and explain how you will implement each
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Practice Self-motivation: Self-esteem is an important aspect of our personal growth. You have to believe in yourself first before someone else does. I tend to think that what I do is not enough and I can always be better. This might be true, but every effort must be acknowledged. I will believe in my potential to improve myself and use this to make the difference for those around me.
3. Take more initiative: As I stated before, I have many plans that just remains as plans in my head. Therefore, I will try to make those plans happen.
4. Challenge myself: I also mentioned how I do not feel motivated to study something that I do not have interest in. Consequently, I must consider this as a personal challenge and not a difficulty. Challenges make us stronger.
5. Be more active: I have been a self-taught student for some time now. Hence, I am not used to be active in discussions. I used to keep my own opinions to myself and that was it. Organize your ideas and express into words is not an easy task to do. I will do my best to improve this skill as well.

4. How will you evaluate yourself on the success of your personal growth plan and how will you hold yourself
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