Active-Learning Observation

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My observation of an experienced practitioner along with my EC was an eye opener. Simply because, my EC and I had discussed pre-observation, certain features to be observed and my EP, who was not a CIDTL candidate, had ticked all the boxes in such a simple yet effective manner.
Some of her teaching practices stood out and helped me model my unit 2 lesson plan based on that. My EC set the tone of the class environment as safe and participative. She did this with a semi-formal and personal greeting to her students. This had captivated the attention of the students including mine.
My EP had wonderfully gathered prior knowledge from her students in a variety of ways, putting the learners at ease. Learners showed enthusiasm in knowing they were going to discuss a familiar and fun topic.
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The variety in her assessments helped me to understand, how a few subtle changes in my teaching strategies and employing more active-learning methods can make a world of difference in the learning process.
I was familiar with multiple intelligences in a classroom but never really incorporated it effectively in my sessions. On observing my EP’s class, one factor that my EC and I could appreciate was how she had planned and executed her session to cater to learners who were visually, verbally, musically and kinaesthetically inclined. This made the whole session effective and fun. Learning was evident and
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