Active Listening Analysis

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Journal Unit 3 Quote 1. Active listening is an art; it is at the core of tutoring. An effective tutor learns a balance between talk and quiet. On a moment to moment basis tutoring, you will be making countless decisions about when to talk and when to listen. (MacDonald 44) Response 1: I have learn from this that listening is very important when tutoring. It is very important for tutors to know when to talk and when to listen. Most tutees come to learn therefore they are willing to talk over the assignment because they are motivated to learn. It is important for tutors to know how to listen when tutees are talking this way tutors can help in a more effective way. A tutor should know that tutees are smart too and that they can talk over the…show more content…
Effective tutors use follow up explanations with quiet and initiation responses to encourage the tutee talk more. By following effective explanations tutors explain less and less. Explanations also have qualities of sharing and cooperation among the tutor and the tutee. I see that tutors who follow the explanation by initiation reply are helping tutees engage more in the context and providing them a way of independent learning. This also provides a more flexible way of communication between the tutee and the tutor as the tutorial session progress. Quote 4. Because markers reinforce another’s continued task, tutors can use them to provide opportunities for tutees to explain, discover, question and discuss. If the tutee is actively engaged in talking about the content, then she is actively engaged in learning. (MacDonald 66) Response 4: I learn from this that active listening is a powerful tool that helps tutees provide explanation of the subject. By answering with “uh huh” when a tutee is explaining about the assignment. Opens up the mind of the tutee towards the subject and provides enthusiasm to learn more about the topic. This promotes that the tutees search, read and find the answers on their own. Tutors are there to support and to make sure that they are getting their assignment correct. This provides a more independent way of learning to the tutees that in the future they will benefit and later use less help from
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