Active Listening

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LISTENING: is a skills and ability to hear spoken words and sound in an environment or ability to receive information correctly and deliver messages, responses in a conversation, this could be face to face, video and audio recording, by phone and through any audible communication technology. Communication can only be effective when active listening is applied, without active listening communication can be horrible, misunderstood and interpreted in a most frustrating way. It is when you receive the information accurately, then you can be able to deliver the right response. Listening is very essential in terms of maintaining customer service, communication of safety, sharing vital information and classified information, elimination of mistakes…show more content…
Coaching can be used to combat some future conflict or problem before it goes out of hand. Individual often realizes they had problem and sort for a coach to assist them to facilitate their improvement. Coaches assist coachee, and provide effective solution to their problem which is known to them already. Individuals respond more when they come up with solutions themselves instead of the ones that were forcefully introduced to them by other people. Coaching has been viewed as advantageous approach by some organization to assist employees to discover and unlock their potentials and achieve them. Coaching can be used in workplaces, sports industry, schools, hospitals, and professional coaching are qualified people who are employed by organization or clients to enhance the effectiveness of the organisation and improve their productivity. Coaching is a rigorous way of assisting people to change, and coaches can be internally or externally hired. However, coaching is very effective when the coachee understands the reason for
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