Active Listening Reflection

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The most important concept to me for Module Eight is Active Listening. It is the most important because it is required to get a clear understanding of a conversation. If it is not used the speaker could feel the listener does not care and is uninterested in what they are saying. There was a time I was expressing to my supervisor that there were some concerns going on within my work center and how it will affect the mission. We were having a conversation, however he was not listening to what I was saying. He was not asking questions to make sure he understood what I was saying, he was looking at everything except for me, and had the most confused looked on his face. When I asked him if he understood he responded yes but turn my concerns…show more content…
They will know the importance of eye contact, open-ended questions to encourage the conversation to continue, and paraphrasing to prove they are listening correctly. I will exercise their Active Listening skills with role play, somewhat similar to Airman Leadership School. My peers and I will start it off so that everyone has a clear understanding while we also get to practice our skills as well. We will make sure our body language is open, by leaning into the speaker and also showing how closing our body language could affect the conversation. Showing our facial expressions to show an understanding of the situation, listening to each to the tone and contributing to the conversation. After, I will pair them up with one partner in a group setting so they will be able to see how their peers are handling their specific situation and we will all critique so they know what they did right and what they need to work on. The roles will be things such as, a troubled Airman coming to them with their problems, another being an Airman not listening or being side tracked and how that can easily affect a situation. During this role play I will have the seven techniques for Active Listening listed so everyone is on the same page of discussion. I will invite my supervisors to come to this exercise to watch and also give their critiques as well. This will
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