Active Magnetic Bearing Research Paper

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Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs) have many advantages over conventional bearings. Their uncommon features and the appeal towards high speed machines make them attractive for certain common rotor/bearing applications. Thus, AMBs have been researched significantly for a few years, and several advance improvements in performance have been achieved. In magnetic bearing system, the rotor is magnetically suspended. The magnetic bearing system has the advantage that it does not need any oil. This advantage will prevent radioactive contamination of the system in case of the reactor. This in turn makes the surrounding environment safer.
As compared to a conventional lubricated bearing system, magnetic bearing system is a much cleaner
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The force capacity of these electromagnets can be calculated based on simplified magnetic circuit analysis. Electromagnetic actuator consists of a core, coil for winding, bobbin, etc. Components of the electromagnet are described below-
The iron core consists of insulated lamination sheets and minimizes eddy current losses. It is a material, conducting the magnetic field to the air gap. Its magnetic saturation as well as magnetic permeability has to be high.

The winding is made of an insulated conductor wound on the soft magnetic core. In order to improve the efficiency of the AMB, the conductor should have a low electrical resistance and must be wound with a high fill-factor. The current through the winding is the source of magnetic field.
1.3.3 Sensors Basically the sensor measures the position of suspension material and coverts into signal .Since AMBs are actively controlled regarding to the sensor signal, the control performance depends on the sensor performance. Different types of sensors are used in AMBs i.e.-: inductive, eddy current, capacity and optical displacement
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A_a = Cross sectional area of flux path [m2]. μ_0 = Permeability of air.

Fig-1.3(differential drive mode to get force)
This is the differential driving mode of AMB model which contains the two E- actuator facing opposite to each other. Two power amplifier is used to supply current to actuator.
The force-current coefficient ki is the actuator

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