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Active member involvement is highly important for a community to thrive; especially in a newly developing community like ours. The recent transition into a new school district has called for the city of Jacksonville and its citizens to come together to work towards its success. The only way the transition can happen smoothly is through community service. When I was made aware of my changing school and district, I first felt hopeless. After the initial shock of having to leave my high school my senior year, I realized I had to make the best of the situation I was given. This event prompted me to volunteer and become a leader within my school. Community service has always been a huge part of my values. I have seen people around me impact the community by…show more content…
I have already gotten to do that a lot through volunteering with National Honor Society. That organization showed me why it is crucial to help your community and also created a love of volunteerism within me. We can always do more though. Throughout my high school years I had the chance of doing a lot of work for my community and now I will get the chance to impact a new one. Since I will be leaving Jacksonville to go to college in Fayetteville, the only thing I can do for my old city is encourage its citizens to continue to better the city. There is so much I can and will do in my new college community. I will initiate conversations about things that need to improve, encourage students to strive to make a difference, and volunteer around the campus whenever the opportunity is given. The future excites me and I am ready to become an active member of a new community. I have a lot of hope in the future of our developing community because of all the students recently inducted into the National Honor Society and the active adults always ready to lend a helping hand. If ever given the chance, I would come back and volunteer for my home community

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