Resistance During The Holocaust

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There was a period of time during WWII, when the Jewish people experienced a mass genocide, which will forever be engraved into history as the Holocaust. Throughout the terrible events that have taken place in the history of mankind, there have always been stories of courageous people, heroes that have fought for what’s right and the Holocaust was no different. Whether people actively or passively resisted it worked, but the most effective was active resistance according to the article “Resistance During The Holocaust” and “Violins Of Hope”. People can best respond to conflict by actively resisting because, you can maintain the freedom to die in your own way and it’s necessary, and to escape. One reason to actively resist was to be able to…show more content…
For example in “Violins Of Hope” a person named Amnon Weinstein is ashamed of talking about the Holocaust while his wife Assi Bielski isn’t. This is because as the narrator states,” Once, [Weinstein] asked about his grandfather and says his mother silently opened a book about the war and pointed to a pile of bodies. Then Weinstein married Assi Bielski, whose father was a famous Jewish resistance fighter… was amazed at how happily the Bielski family talked about the war…. Her family killed Germans, by quantities, not by one. My family was all killed by the Germans.” (Paragraph 13-15). Actively resisting avoids shame, guilt, and the humiliation of being helpless and sitting and watching your people die. On the flip side, others may argue that music, art, paintings, etc. was enough to protest. The flaw to that argument is that those would only be discovered after the war and only if the allies had won, by however actively arming yourself, killing Nazi’s and, sabotoging supplies the impact would be immediately felt, presenting a better chance of winning. When slavery was still a big problem, many of the slaves still ran away which was still resisting. Many Jews did try and run, their problem was that the Jews and the slaves were they were always isolated so their best option, if they could was to run. Some also revolted, but the ones that did nothing, regretted it, because they…show more content…
According to the article “Resistance During The Holocaust”, “ In approximately 100 ghettos… underground organizations were formed. The purpose of such organizations was to wage armed struggle, that is, to...escape from the ghetto. The reason to actively resist is to escape from a place because passively resisting isn’t going to do anything to help you. Some people may say that peace can deal with anything but if your in a ghetto and you want to get out passively resisting isn’t going to intimidate anyone and is more likely to get you killed. So for this reason actively resisting is the better idea. For example during the American Revolution, the colonists tried to use passive resistance, and it failed. The only way that the Americans won was by using armed, active
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