ED Staff Nurses Case Study

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The highest mean in table 2e., is (3.14) for “Working with nurses who are clinically competent”. This finding is associated to more tenured ED staff, which was evident on the profile of the respondents. According to ED staff nurses, these tenured nurses displayed strong capabilities, skills, and professionalism to perform all necessary tasks. These attributes of senior nurses reflect a competent nurse who used knowledge, skills, judgment, attitudes, values, and beliefs to perform well in a given role or situation (ANA, 2009). More so, ED is a specialized area that required highly trained ED staff nurses. That is why ED staff nurses were trained in providing basic life support (BLS) and in advance cardiac life support (ACLS).
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ED staff nurses are very pleased with the opportunities that the department is giving them to further enhance and hone their knowledge and skills. The ED staff nurses feel that the nursing leaders and the administration will give importance to their professional growth needed to be effective and efficient care providers.
Still on the table 2e statement four, shows that this practice of the institution contributed to the mean (3.07) of the statement that “ An active staff development or continuing educational program for nurses” is highly effective. An active staff development is conducted to develop ED staff nurse competencies, especially in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment and the emergence of new diseases. Furthermore, active staff development makes ED staff nurses more knowledgeable, sensitive, patient, and dedicated to provide genuine warmth and care (Robinson, Jagim, & Ray,
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Such a notion is associated with the non-utilization of nursing theories as the basis of nursing practice. Nursing theories are important because it helps nurses to decide what they know and what they need to know. In addition, it will provide them the principles that underpin practice and will help nurses to generate further nursing knowledge (Alligood & Tomey, 2010). It also helps to distinguish what should form the basis of practice by explicitly describing nursing (Alligood & Tomey,

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