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15 Must-Have Items for an Active Weekend Getaway

If you're wondering what items you should bring for your active weekend getaway, well, here's a quick and easy guide for you.

15. Shelter

Some active weekend getaways are done in a well-equipped facility, but some are done in the wild outdoors where you're at the mercy and grace of Mother Nature. If you're on an overnight camping, hiking or climbing expedition, you should bring with you some form of temporary shelter – a tent, hammock, water-proof sleeping bag or tarp. If not, at least bring a knife or handy tool that allows you to gather materials and build yourself a makeshift shelter in the wild.

14. Light and Fire

Again, you may be doing your physical stints indoors or in locations
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A set of portable toiletries, which may include wet tissues, sanitizer, toothbrush, etc. – should be enough for you to stay clean and fresh after a long day's worth of physical activity.

6. Head Gear

When you're exposed to the elements, you should give importance to protecting your head, which is the most vulnerable and fatal spot in your body. Therefore, when spelunking, wear a hard hat. When hiking, wear a bush hat, a cap, or anything that can protect you against the sun and other elements.

5. Gadgets

Modern sports and fitness enthusiasts like you will have to pack up some gadgets to help you document your trip (camera), check your progress (activity tracker), or help you perform your very best (smart fitness/gym watch). Don't forget to bring chargers and extra batteries, too!

4. Journal & Docs

When travelling, you always need to bring a couple of documents with you such as IDs, passport and the necessary visas when going overseas, and even your travel diary if you're keeping one.


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