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Learning Activities Activity 1.1 - Reading and Internet research [Expected time 12 hours] Introduction Computing and information systems have a long history and have been evolving as a result of new trends in technological advancement. CThere were large computing devices mainly used to be large but, now there are many small gadgets capable of running various applications. There were stand alone computing systems, later became networked, webnetworked, then web based and now mobile systems. The current devices have very fast speeds of processing information alongside the capability of storing large amounts of information. In this activity you are required to read the topics on the basic operations of computing hardware and software,…show more content…
Transactional processing system Enterprise Processing system Decision support system Executive information system Expert system management. Knowledge based management system. PART TWO What policies/procedures govern the implementation of an information system in an organization? List at least three examples of for each of the following types of information systems: Stand alone Networked Web based Mobile Interactive web based What is the difference between an interactive and a passive information system? From what you have found out, give examples of how information systems have been implemented to achieve the following: accessibility, Aaccuracy, Ssimplicity, Fflexibility and Ssecurity . List sixList six practical examples of how the following peripheral devices are used by individuals/ organizations/ businesses/ society in the areas you visited. Pprinters Sscanners Ccameras

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