We Don 'T Go On A Journey'

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Activity 1. First, read through the essay first draft below without looking at its revision plan. On your own prepare a revision plan and notes while reading, following the guidelines from Unit 3.1. (pages 31-33). Compare your notes with the offered revision plan. Then, using your notes and the plan, analyse the thesis, topic sentences, supporting sentences, and the conclusion. Propose the necessary changes in the paper. How to live a rich life when you are too busy doing something How many of you do different activities every day? Usually, most of us do just one or two. We are studying or working, and all the time we think that we are too busy to do something else. But is it like this? Sometimes people ask me if it is hard to combine studying…show more content…
Go over the following essay and prepare notes for revision in accordance with the guidelines from Unit 3.1. (pages 31-33). What needs to be refined in this essay? Why people travel more at present? 1. Who of us don't go on a journey? It appears a quite exciting activity. You can spot a lot of exciting things and visit some beautiful places when you travel. Many reasons drive us to set forth on a journey. Work, study, or hobby... All of them can occur in our life. Anyway, tours are very popular, and people want to globetrot now more than earlier. 2. We have a lot of opportunities to travel nowadays. Tourism is increasing and becoming very developed. A plenty of agencies can help you with a choice of the itinerary and the hotel. They will, of course, select a place, which will suit you perfectly, no matter whether you prefer tropical forests or snow mountains, hot and noisy carnivals in Brazil or calm and unique nature of New Zealand. Furthermore, you can buy a ticket online. It is even more convenient and you can save your money sometimes. Nothing limits you in your choice of transport. You can travel by train, plane, ship, or car. These means of transport have already become common transportation modes. It gets easier to travel having a diversity of tourism forms and a wide choice of transport these…show more content…
What’s more, media influence causes people to travel. People often want to immerse into the atmosphere of their favourite book, movie, or TV-program. It excites them to engage in their most-liked characters’ life, walk where they might have been walking, and visit the same places. Besides, a variety of films and programs tells about life abroad. When you watch them, you think they lead an ideal life. And a lot of tours allow you to see places from a film set or the place where the author of your best-loved book was writing it. As for me, I like the program "Heads and tails". The hosts of this program travel around the world and tell about different countries, their advantages and disadvantages. This colourful show of journeys helps people who want to travel. Books, films, different TV-programs, and other kinds of media (magazines, Internet sources, radio) inspire us to

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