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This Study aimed at finding out the effects of Activity Based Method (ABM) of teaching on student’s achievement in physical science. The study is experimental. The target population comprised of class X students of Lakshipari High School of Paschim Medinipur District. The students were taught the same topic of “Nature & uses of Normal salt and cupric sulphate”. The Students are divided into two equivalent groups (experimental and control). In the experimental groups ABM was used while Traditional Lecture method (TLM) was used in the control group. The instrument used in the study was Physical Science Achievement Test (PAT) to measure student’s achievement. Data was analysed using mean, SD & t-test. The results of the Study Show that ABM of…show more content…
W. And Changeiywo, J. M. (2008) conducted a study aimed at finding out yhe effect of Mastery Learning Approach (MLA) on students’ achievement in physics.
Agboghoroma, T. E. (2009) examines the interaction effects of instructional mode and school setting on students’ knowledge of integrated science.
Gok, T. and Silay, I. (2010) study was to examine the effects of teaching of the problem solving strategies on the students’ physics achievement, strategy level, attitude and achievement motivation.
Hence, we see that all the studies reported above were conducted in different subject either to verify the effectiveness of the various methods or to find out the gaps. Some of the researcher although tried to prove the effectiveness of activity-based teaching method but no one conduct the study on the effectiveness of activity-based method of teaching experimentally. So we want to study the effect of Activity-Based Physical Science teaching experimentally.
3. Experimental Study:
3.1. Introduction
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Null Hypothesis:
H01: There is a no significant difference between traditional lecture method and activity-based method of teaching in the achievement of students in physical science at secondary level.
3.4. Alternative Hypothesis:
H1: Activity-based method of teaching has a more significant impact on students achievement compared with traditional lecture method of teaching.
3.5. Variables:
The study was experimental. In this study the following variables were identified to verify the hypothesis.
Independent Variables-Teaching Learning Process (Activity based method & Traditional lecture method)
Dependent Variables-Learning outcome of students (i.e., Achievement in Physical science)
3.6. Research Design:
In this experimental study the students are divided into two pre-selected equivalent group (experimental and control group) of class-x. In the experimental groups Activity-Based Method (ABM) of teaching was used while Traditional Lecture Method (TLM) of teaching was used in the control group. Then a well-structured achievement test on the selected topic of physical science will be administered on both the group and their achievement on the test will be analysed.
3.7. Sampling

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