Actor In International Relations

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In an increasingly complex world, new actor in international relationships emerges. At the beginning of the emergence of the main actor who plays the role is the State. But the State is no longer called dominant, but still a major actor among other influential actors. Each actor has its own impact in international relations because a State is the supreme power holder (Liberalism / Idealism) that the State plays a dominant role to do good cooperation between countries and is expected to create world peace. Requirement of sovereignty of a country among which must have the people, must have the territory, have the government, and recognized the independence by other countries in the world. Within a country there are various societies that inhabit…show more content…
In general, the United Nations is the most important actor in international relations and has the most important role and role in building diplomacy relationships among organizations with each other. In general, the United Nations plays an important role in collective security and the unification of the world, the guardian of peace, overcoming the problems of peace and giving comprehensive resolutions to all problems arising from different parts of the world. The prospects for UN peace are significantly enhanced and the role of peace-building on bleak issues is always best executed. such as:
• IGO 'S is the United Nations (UN) international organization. The UN is an organization created to uphold world peace and good cooperation between countries around the
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The organization aims to contribute to solving problems such as economics, terrorism, religion, ecosystems, and so on internationally. "This organization is transnational and attracts membership of private individuals and associations located in several countries."
• MNCs are actors of international organizations that play a role in social and economic issues. These organizations are typically shaped or composed of multinational corporations that not only exist in one country, but also spread in many countries around the world. MNCs have an important role in terms of exports and imports. MNCs have an enormous influence to stabilize the world economy.
The goal of every actors are power. which is one of the major factors in International Relations. Power is one of the most commonly used concepts as well as difficult to define and is not a destructive, wild and static thing. Power is a blend of persuasive and coercive forces. National power of a country includes not only military power but also technology, natural resources, and ideology. Power has some characteristics; first, power is dynamic. In this case the power of a country may change, either increasing or decreasing in accordance with the development of the country. Second, power is relative in the sense that it can be compared with the power of other
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