Acts Of Violence In Hamlet

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In the play The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is a character full with complex emotions and revenge that confronts the readers or audience with his scenes of violence. Hamlet acts of violence is the plays way to push the play to its climax and to contribute the hidden meaning of the play. In act four, Hamlet lets his true internal emotions that has built up about his mother affair with his uncle, with so much rage Hamlet kills polonius in cold blood without even thinking, this scene contributes to the play because it show how Hamlet rage for revenge for his father has turned into real madness that will never end well for the characters who intertwine with him. In act 3, Hamlet goes off on Ophelia for crushing his heart and calls her…show more content…
Sit you down/And let me wring your heart. For so I shall/If it be made of penetrable stuff,/If damnèd custom have not brassed it so/That it is proof and bulwark against sense.(3.4.30-40) This show the hidden meaning of Hamlets violence with being love hurt, in his head he feels as no one loves him and is all alone to suffer with his grief. Letting Hamlet be so hurt by love lets the reader and audience see how the love really can affect a person view into driving the play in madness and despair. Hamlet is madness is started by love but is infused with jealousy. Hamlet comes up with a plan to see if King Claudius really did kill his father, so he gets actors to re-enact how King Claudius killed his father. Hamlet turns out to be very jealous of the actors because they are showing fake emotions, when he is really is feeling depressed and very emotional. O, reform it altogether!/ And let those that play your clowns speak no more than is set down for them,/
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