Van Gogh Summer Evening Analysis

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Line is how this artwork is formed, so an example of this is actual lines. Actual lines is physical real lines, such as a circle, triangle, or a rectangle. In the Sower 1888, actual lines in this case is the sun, the house in the far end of the field, and the halo above the sower’s head. The huge sun in the middle of the oil painting is an example of van Gogh’s obsession over the color “ yellow,” and how the sun is the star of this painting ( The house is the next example of actual lines and for this work of art, this foreshadows van Gogh’s next painting called “Summer Evening, Wheatfield with Setting sun, 1888” ( The next example of line is called implied line which is the complete opposite of actual
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The sun, however, is big, it is a circle, and it is a two dimensional figure. Shapes are intersecting lines when they connect to each other which creates a term called geometric shape. Geometric shapes for the Sower 1888, this is an example of the house’s roof top, which forms a three-dimensional shape, in a two-dimensional painting. Another fact about shapes is that it can be difficult to find them in any artwork which is the next element of shape. The next element of shape is called organic shape, and this is an example of the field and the sower in this painting. The last thing about both of them is that shapes can create mass and space, which are two elements that is used in this…show more content…
Van Gogh is the king of light because he disperses a lot of colors on to this painting, making it look very illusive, or different. Another thing about this oil painting is the colors, which is yellow and blue, and they point out his work of art is classified as impressionism, which overall, “Van Gogh oil painting to display in their vision of reality” (oil Van Gogh also uses tone when creating light for his paintings because this is an example of his expression lines and which this also creates an arbitrary color scheme through the painting. Arbitrary is the artistic style that makes sense for this painting because this shows how the mixture of colors can become implied to its mediums. For this painting, the medium was oil, or oil pastel, but the point is that the colors has to blend in with the canvas which Van Gogh masters to create an impressive impasto painting. The last element that is important is texture which Van Gogh uses a canvas to create his illusion zing masterpiece of the sower and he uses great amount of time and focus when he creates the artwork by using oil pastels as his texture
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