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I’ve been considering a career as an actuary since I was very young, when my seventh grade algebra teacher told me that my combination of interpersonal skills and mathematical prowess would help me in my path to become an excellent professional. She warned, though, of how difficult the career path would be and how few people actually complete it. While this may be a deterrent to many people that otherwise would have followed this career path, it is a large reason I want to become an actuary. Actuaries must have a high degree of numeracy, especially in analysis of data as it applies to their projects such as creating a reserve using assumptions on future claims and investment return, creating a model for pricing on different offerings or estimating the probabilities and economic cost of things like disasters. Actuarial science is a relatively novel field to most people (my mom assumes I’m studying to become an…show more content…
The thing that I think will be most beneficial to my career as an actuary though is not something that was learned through a class. The most important thing I’ve learned during my time in college has been that reaching out to people for help does not make one weak. In fact, I’d say that the people that are the quickest to acknowledge their weaknesses and seek the assistance they need are the ones that will be the most effective in their careers. Specifically in the actuarial field, it seems that people don’t see the value of using the wisdom of elders. During my last internship, though, I found that people were very ready to help with anything I needed. Because I could quickly come to terms with the things I didn’t know or couldn’t find by myself, I was able to become far more productive than I would have been otherwise, which my boss appreciated a great

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