Acupuncture In Today's Society

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Question: Can acupuncture therapies make a valuable contribution to health in today’s society?

Summary of the research question and outcome
For the Research Project I decided to investigate whether acupuncture therapies are making a valuable contribution to health in today’s society. I decided to do this as I’m interested in health and the idea of acupuncture was seemed very interesting. I wanted to explore how useful and effective acupuncture is, which would determine if this ancient therapy is still contributing to health. I found out that it was deemed very successful and it can be used as both a complimentary or alternative treatment. It also treats numerous modern conditions, especially ones that are musculoskeletal and neurological.
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I made various decisions about how I would start to conduct my research. The first decision related to the refinement of my question. I originally started off with a question, which examines the contribution of alternative therapies in today’s society. However, as I began to conduct my research I found the topic was extremely broad, so I decided I would only choose one type of therapy. I decided to choose acupuncture as the key topic of my research project, as how it works interests me and I really wanted to find out more about it. After I refined my question I then decided on what sources and research processes I would use to give me accurate and reliable information. The research processes I decided to use were internet articles, books, newspaper articles, videos, emails and surveys. The internet articles formed the basis of my research project, as they explained the outlines of what acupuncture is, how it works, what it treats and also how useful is it. They provided me with countless pieces of information, which were all very similar to one another. Each website I used, I annotated and analysed to ensure that the information was valid and reliable. I also checked the dates of the websites as I wanted the most current information I could access. The other main research process I used was examining newspaper articles. They gave me an extensive amount of…show more content…
I could have gained key first hand information from my experience and I also would have been able to obtain the benefits myself. By using the practice, I could have used it to back up any information I found about using it and could have asked various questions to the acupuncturists throughout my
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