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Acupuncture has been used as energy therapy . Its origin dates back to ancient China, where the use of needles was used to unlock the energy of the body .

The flow of energy in the body is important, because it prevents diseases and helps metabolism.

The history of acupuncture dates from the year 2500 a. C., practically of the beginning of the humanity.

The first needles used for this medicinal method were made of stones used by the emperors of Ancient China.

Over the years, more methods were used and new uses were discovered to improve health and deficiencies in different areas. Thus, this therapy can help us to alleviate diseases:

Weight control

How does acupuncture work? acupuncture It is said that
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Also favor the production of hormones that will allow a better evolution at the time of healing and prevent diseases.

The needles cause a dull pain or other sensation in the muscle.
Thus impulses are sent to the central nervous system, causing it to generate endorphins and neurotransmitters that help block the pain message.
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Contributions of acupuncture to health
Acupuncture, because it is an alternative therapy, lacks scientific studies to support its results. However, since acupuncture was first used as a specialty, the rate for chronic and circulatory problems has been reduced.

It helps people improve the circulation of energy in the body, by stimulating the nervous system.
The needles are inserted at key points to send signals and generate hormones that help the solution of bodily problems.
It is also accompanied by dietary therapies to improve performance and give the person better habits.
Acupuncture for depression breathing The depression is considered as an affective disorder. It manages to remove the emotion or desire to perform any

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