Diabetes Informative Speech Outline

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At the end of this presentation, the audience will be informed on how acupuncture works in treating diabetes.
In normal body mechanism, consumed carbohydrates pass through stomach and enter blood stream to body’s fat and muscle cells. However sugar cannot enter these cells without the help from insulin ¬– a hormone allowing sugar to enter into mentioned body’s cells. In a person with diabetes, insulin produce by pancrease is not enough or body cells did not respond to insulin causing sugar concentration in the blood elevated. Overtime, it will lead to diabetes.
Diabetes cannot be cured but can be treated. A research done by Dubai Wellbeing Centre proved that acupuncture in the best solution to treat diabetes. Acupuncture is use to opening up the energy system
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Immune system can be enhance by stimulating point B 36 or Bearing Support located at the back of the shoulder. The Chinese book, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine has mentioned that this point is first effected when a person is sick. It is believes a wind can pass through this point which has a pore and distracting the pathway of immune system.

3. When this point is stimulated, it will causes the mobilization of white blood cells (a group of cells that responsible to defense our body from diseases) .
We have reviewed three ways on how acupuncture works to help diabetic patient to have a better life. So now, you can recommend your relative who suffer from diabetes to do this interesting yet effective therapy as does not has any side effects as modern medication does.
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