Acute Care Pediatric Reflection Paper

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On the Pediatric unit the average patient load varies. Last week all the rooms were filled and today only four rooms were filled out on the unit. The Pediatric unit also has a unit call the Acute Care Pediatric (ACP). This unit was busy today. There were four seriously ill children that needed more one-one care. This unit is used when children are on ventilators or have more serious issue going on. After the children are considered stable they will be than put on the floor. The patient assignment is made based on who is working and how many are working. There are a few trainers and students working on the unit. The charge nurse makes assignments based on what each person can handle. I have been on the ACP unit quite a bit, and have learned…show more content…
The little guy also had an order for nasal aspiration before every feeding. I made sure this was done so that he will be able to tolerate his feeding well without breathing complications. His sister was a lot more stable with clear lungs. She was on enteral feedings that was slowly being increased. The Dr. decided to try oral feeding with her. Her first feeding she hungrily ate down four ounces. After than she was less fussy and was able to rest well before her feedings. Both had a feeding schedule of every four hours. Although she did not have an order to suction before feedings, we decided implement this based on that the respiratory therapy was getting secretions during the night. The nasogastric tube was pulled from both youngsters. With the little guy we weaned his supplemental oxygen slowly. By 1130 he was able to tolerate room air. Also, their feedings were changed to what they were receiving at…show more content…
03). Some core competencies and skills that the authors mentioned are caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence. These are demonstrated by listening to staff if a problem comes up, following company procedures and not showing favoritism. A leader is also someone who has good people and relationship skills. This is important in case of conflict or if conflict can be avoided. A leader must also be quick at making decisions. Most of all a leader must model their beliefs and cares in order to be respected by peers ( Kelly & Tazbir, 2013, p. 5-6). I viewed this leader as a transformational leader. She had a vision on how the team should progress through the day. She empowered everyone to have a goal when caring for their patients and made sure that she pitched in when needed. She was able to handle last minute admissions with easy and did not stress out the team. Just because she was in charge of everyone for the day, she did not sit down. The only time I seen her sit was to chart. Other times she was helping other members on the team. I honestly did not see a certain power being used to get the job done. She put herself in the action and everyone knew that she was the boss of the day. Everyone had a job to do and that meant giving it their 100%. She did not have to force or reward anyone to get the job done. I think this is effective. If need

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