Acute Care Vs Rehabilitation Centers Essay

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Compare and Contrast Acute care and rehabilitation centers What is the difference between acute care hospitals and rehabilitation centers? To a patient both places may look and sound the same. Both centers offer care and rehabilitation services for anyone needing help. There are many differences between an acute care hospital and a rehabilitation center. Patients receive short-term treatment in acute care while in rehabilitation hospitals they receive longer care for things like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.
Acute care for a patient may require them to stay in a hospital emergency or surgery department. Acute care encompasses a range of clinical health-care functions, including emergency medicine, trauma care, pre-hospital emergency care, acute care surgery, critical care, urgent
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Rehabilitation centers are less costly than general hospitals. Patients often have a hard time hearing that they need rehabilitation. The length of rehab and recovery are specific to each individual and their needs. A patient may bounce right back or may be left with a long term deficit. The bad news is that it possible to have a deficit for a long time because the brain heals slowly; the good news is that the brain continues to heal for a long time. What one must realize is that it is very important and necessary to their recovery process. Rehabilitation starts the moment a patient enters a center to maximize their functioning and level of independence. There are many different type of rehabilitation services available. Whether a patient needs physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), respiratory therapy or speech therapy, there is a center for them (“Rehabilitation,” 2015). Hospitals are not set up for long term therapy, one must move to dedicated rehabilitation
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