Acute Exacerbation Case Study Nursing

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As the patient Mr McDonald becomes closer to his expected discharge date, it is important to arrange all home care considerations before departure from the hospital. Patients who are beginning self-management at home for discharge are to be given a written plan of action, prescription medication for self-initiating in case of an acute exacerbation. The nurse should offer both written down and verbal information regarding COPD and the therapeutic recommendations that have been made by healthcare professionals. It is also important that they are in contact with their case manager for any support and to have continual monthly check ups by telephone (Sedeno, Nault, Hamd, & Bourbeau, 2009). The nurse should ensure and arrange that the supplier of the oxygen equipment regularly visit and stock up as needed. The nurse should list and specify any other healthcare providers such as a family doctor and how to reach them. Any involved health care member should be notified and the written report should be forwarded to ensure good health care.
Stress the importance of physical exercise and most importantly, encourage the patient to quit smoking. To get enough rest and to eat a good healthy balanced diet as well as encourage the patient to get the flu & pneumonia vaccination to help prevent lung
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As wells as providing any information on the adverse side effects and how to manage the symptoms. The nurse should also educate the family of the pathophysiology and symptoms of COPD after discharge as they will have an important role in care. It is also good to educate the patient on infection control such as washing hands frequently and to stay away from large crowds as acute exacerbations are can be caused by viruses and bacteria with bacteria causing up to 50% of attacks (Russell, Ford, & Barnes,
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