Lead Exposure Research Paper

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The nervous system is the most sufferer organ being principal target of number of metals. The alkyl derivatives of certain metals such as lead, mercury and tin are specially neuro-toxic.22 The symptoms associated with acute lead exposure often involves rapid onset of nausea, headaches, cognitive changes, and emotional disruptions. In chronic exposure, fatigue, decreased processing speed, fine and gross motor deficits, and generally decreased cognitive functioning, neuro-degeneration and psychiatric manifestations like increased depression, anxiety, and irritability are more prevalent.23 It has been observed that immature organisms are particularly susceptible to the adverse neurological effects of chronic lead exposure. As compared to adults,…show more content…
Lead is having profound effect on calcium metabolism and transport which inhibit the release of acetylcholine. Moreover Lead is well known to disrupt heme synthesis. The loss of heme containing enzymes is associated with mitochondrial function producing adverse effects on energy metabolism. Lead may affect neurotransmission by interference with neurotransmitters. In fact, aminolevulinic acid, produced as a result of lead action on heme synthesis, has a similar chemical structure to γ-amino-isobutyric acid. Action on the GABA system might produce signs of neurotoxicity similar to those seen in severe lead…show more content…
In addition, lead produces renal neoplasms, interstitial fibrosis and progressive nephron loss, azotaemia and renal failure. Chronic lead exposure is also implicated in the development of saturnine gout and hypertension. The metal interacts with renal membranes and enzymes and disrupts energy production, calcium metabolism, glucose homeostasis, ion transport processes and the renin-angiotensin system. 32,29 Effect of lead on reproductive system: Infertility is a reproductive health problem worldwide which affects many couples especially in developing countries. Lead is ubiquitous and persistent heavy metal which has detrimental effects on almost all the major organs.33 Male and female reproductive systems are one of the major target sites of lead induced toxicities.34 Effect on Male reproductive

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