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Ad Analysis Essay In the commercial environment, the ability of a product to be effectively advertised would much determine the products ability to rake in massive figures in sales. The artistic components customarily used in ads may include color use, layout, and media all of which illustrate techniques of the advertisers. Potential customers are influenced by the signs present and the images represented and how these are applied to their own lives. Consequently, ads often seek to have the key ingredient of persuasion of ethos, pathos and logos appropriately applied. In this paper, we seek to analyze and determine the effectiveness of Patek Philippe Geneve's "Begin your own tradition" ad in terms of its surface interpretations and use of signs,…show more content…
The commercial signs regarding the watch are largely ignored. Characteristically, Patek Philippe watches stand as amid the most expensive commercially available watches. Consequently, a revelation of the associated value of the watch in monetary terms in the advert could prove detrimental to the priceless message conveyed by the advertisement. Utilitarian signs: These involve aspects relating to the true function of the item being advertised. In the ad, existing are limited signs that relate to the practical features of owning the Patek Philippe Geneve watch. An example is the functional characteristic of the watch, which is showing the time, is played down throughout the advert and only referenced in note (12). Such gives the ad a feature of focusing only on the supposed sentimental value associated with the…show more content…
The line "Begin your own tradition" illustrates the importance of creating a legacy. This taps into the popular school of thought in contemporary culture where there is a desire of men to create a legacy through the various parts of their life (Powell 2005). Consequently, the ad takes up a clear attempt in going far and wide to appeal to men yearning to create their own legacy. Secondly, we see much of ‘separatism’ as semantic elements here. Separatism from the society is illustrated by the line "Begin your own tradition" in note (6). Such separatism makes it tolerable, in a society progressively cognizant in the pursuit of material possessions (McLarney and Chung 1999), such as purchasing an extremely expensive watch. In this, the advert illustrates that this is not just a purchase for a single individual; it's a timely purchase for the benefit of the whole

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