Adam And Eve In The Iroquois

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When discussing how the human race came to be there are numerous stories that speak of the beginning of the Earth. Two popular tales are the one of the Iroquois and the Christian story of Adam and Eve. Although these stories are relatively the same, when analyzed further the similarities and differences become clear. Both contain strengths that the other is lacking in.
One of the biggest similarities when comparing these two tales is that they both speak of a forbidden tree. In both stories, a woman begins the up rise of Earth by foolishly disregarding warnings of staying away from their tree. Due to their uncontrollable actions or cravings, these women were cast out by whatever god they believed in to the unknown. The sky woman falls through a hole in the ground descending into a world of vast waters. Using the symbolism, of descending is this insinuating that Earth is a step down in rank from the sky world? In Christian writings, Earth is also considered inferior to the sky world, which would be heaven.
A difference that may be overlooked is the attribution of animals. While the Iroquois showed affection throughout the entire tale regarding animals, the Christian cast them as evil or submissive. As the Sky Woman fell from the sky world, a flock of birds rescued her. In the Iroquois
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Although it is fundamentally the same story, they are filled with varying ideas. However, they both leave an abundance of unanswered questions for believers to ponder on. It states, “In other words the Iroquois creation story does not attempt to explain the creation of the whole universe.” Did the biblical story give a more clear beginning of the new world? If the stories are not fully written, how can it be analyzed completely? It is astonishing how people do not ever go looking for the answers because of how deeply they believe in these theories. This is what we would call
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