Adam And Eve In The Odyssey

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As soon as Adam paid his Karmic debt through righteous living, he was given a ticket to Heaven and he suddenly awoke on the planet where he had fallen unconscious. He bore witness to the fact that all of the reincarnated souls still living in the lower planes were held captive in third-dimensional-Earth because of their Karmic imbalance. He noted that there are innumerable versions of Adam and Eve, beautiful children, all fallen unconscious, even in Heaven. The truth is, once a soul is born into life, it takes form in all the dimensions. As it ascends from one dimension to another, it grows in consciousness and moves up the ladder. The original version of Adam, seeing all this chaos, decides to help his brothers using the experience he acquired…show more content…
It is indeed true. The wave has already begun. Adam (The army of God) from the higher dimension has indeed come to life. You are one of them. Neither Adam nor Eve is a person. It is a collective consciousness that is trying to enter this world through you. When this story inspires you and awakens something inside of you, keep pace with that energy/consciousness and cultivate it. That consciousness, the awakening consciousness is not you. The reason you are reading this book is that this higher consciousness has chosen you. So, Adam is the consciousness present in everyone. Think of this consciousness as the Being that permeates all of creation. This consciousness is in you, it is in me, it is in her, and it is in everyone and everything that you perceive as reality. When this Adam, this Being, rushed into me, something remarkable happened. I experienced intense emotional swings for almost two years. And gradually, this story teller began to emerge in my mind. He told me the literal truths about the spiritual dimension, about Gods and about demigods. Adam, the soul consciousness in me, is a story teller. In you, it might be the dancer, or possibly the artist in Adam-A and it may be manifested in Eve-J’s thoughts. It forms the primary duty for us, the 21st century Adams and Eves, and that is to be connected to the essence of consciousness, and to awaken the Adam or Eve (the…show more content…
Karma is the Universal law endeavoring to protect the loving harmony of the Universe. According to Karma, you reap what you sow. There is no escape from this reality or from universal laws. One golden rule of Karma is that before you exit a life subject to Karma, you must reap what you have sown in the land. Until you have repaid all your Karmic obligations, you cannot ascend to the higher dimensions, which are ungoverned by Karma. It follows that if you are born into a third dimensional plane of existence, you are in that plane to repay your debts.
Karma can exist only in the lower dimensional planes, from the fifth dimension and beyond. Karma does not exist because; these dimensions are based on unity consciousness. This also means that the duality of life does not exist in fifth dimensional plane. When you are incapable of negative thought, it will not manifest in the outer world which is a mere reflection of the inner world. The Adams and Eves of the fifth dimension and beyond, being incapable of negative thought, enjoy a world of of love, harmony and constant peace. In contrast, the Adams and Eves in the fallen category, continue to view life through the prism of duality, perceiving the outside world as light and dark, day and night, good and bad, up and down and rich and poor. The thinking mind is the basis of Karma. At the root of your thinking mind is the choice you and you alone own—the choice to be present in your thoughts. If you
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