Adam And The Garden Of Eden Analysis

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Cosmology: We examine our solar system, with its center the sun and the planets revolving around it. This sun is a star in the neighborhood galaxy and, when we look further, we see other galaxies, each comprised of billions of stars, many of which have their own array of planets. We also see black holes. These black holes that so capture our imagination can be seen as openings of wormholes that lead to the Creator. The Creator stands at the origin point of all the galaxies, all the universes. It is interesting indeed that the edge of a black hole is called an “event horizon”, implying that, as we cross it, an event takes place such that we are transformed. This is consistent with the view that the black hole is an opening on a pathway to…show more content…
In this reading we see Adam, after the “fall,” removed from the Garden of Eden and forced to live a human life on Earth. In this way, we may regard Adam as an alien, as someone who in a way does not really belong here. This corresponds with a typical human sentiment when they ask, “Why am I here? What have I done to deserve such a difficult life in such a place, so filled with pain, sadness and tragedy?” In this respect, Adam’s story is the story of everyone. Why is Adam expelled from the garden? Because he ate from the tree of knowledge. Now this is often misconstrued and leads one into conundrums. Is it that this story tells us that knowledge is bad and must be avoided? How could this be? Surely knowledge and ultimately, wisdom are good. However, if we recall that the forbidden fruit was offered by Satan then we can arrive at an interpretation that makes more sense. The knowledge was the knowledge of Satan. It was bad knowledge, bad advice, harmful ideas. Re-interpreted this way the story has more integrity. It seems to be basically saying, “Be very careful not to learn from Satan. This knowledge will appear very special; will promise power and riches and fine tastes. It will be seductive. It will appear heavenly but it will do exactly the opposite, it will lead you into harm’s

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