Adam Bagdasarian's My Side Of The Story

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In the short story “My Side of the Story” by Adam Bagdasarian a boy more on the academic side then Athletic side. But he figures out that people don 't always like his answer, and he just may get hurt by that. He learns that actions of someone don 't always get them in trouble but the way you react. In the story, the author shows the reader a very important theme. To show sympathy to as well as thinking of others to maintain and keep a relationship a reputation. One example of the author showing this claim is at the very beginning of this story.As the narrator states, “I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom practicing my signature when my brother came in and asked me if I wanted to throw the ball around or shoot baskets.” Then he replied to this question, “NO”. At this moment I realized being the one who is reading this story you clearly don’t shoot hoops that often and instead work or practice your signature, so why don 't you be unselfish and play with your…show more content…
But now his father was not showing sympathy by the way he reacted to the was his son walked into the room of his parents screaming at the top of his lungs. His father shouting at him to get him to notice his mistake then ripped the tape out of his head with anger, pulling 60 hairs out of his scalp. And after all of that, he decided to make the situation worse to start disciplining his son by hitting. This to me shows how none of the charters in the story show sympathy and are all selfish. If I was in the father 's son shows being screamed at and also being hurt I would feel desperate, hopeless, but jealous. In the end the author showed that selfishness and lack of sympathy are lessons that should be brought up around the world in the end to boy who did nothing to hurt his older brother got in trouble for his actions while his older brother got let off, so throughout the story the author proves a made up example of what showing lack of sympathy and selfishness can do to you in your
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