Adam Bagdasarian's Short Story: My Side Of The Story

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Omer Saeid Oct.25.2016 ELA 7 “My Side of the Story” - Claim Essay In the short story “My side of the story by Adam Bagdasarian, there is a boy that has views on justice and fair play. Along with his brother Skip, the boys learn that lack of sympathy and selfishness can get the boy in trouble. I will show you what the author really wanted the reader to learn from this essay. Overreacting to a situation doesn’t allow for understanding and for one to solve the issue. It also creates a cycle of misunderstanding. One example, of this is when the the boy says, I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom practicing my signature when my brother came in and asked me if I wanted to throw the ball around or shoot baskets. No,” I said. Rather than the boy calming the situation down the boy decided he should snitch on Skip, when he could have communicated the problem. As this was already about to start the cycle of over reacting instead of de escalating to resolve the problem. Next, in Skips reaction he found a roll of scotch tape and unraveled the whole roll of scotch tape and stuck it deep into the boy 's scalp. Soon after this, the boy storms towards his mother 's room, and finds the door was closed. He hesitated thinking what if she were sleeping, but his selfishness got the best of him. As he stormed in his mom 's room to report, to his misfortune he found his father. The boy knew this was a house rule and chose to break it because he was being selfish and overreacted to get

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