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Adam Richetti Adam Eddie Richetti was born no August 5, 1909 in Strawn, Texas. Being fourteen, he already started drinking heavily. On August 7, 1928, nineteen year old Richetti was arrested for robbery in Indiana. He was sentenced for 2 years at the Pendleton state reformatory. Two years later, he did his first bank robbery with Fred Hamner and brothers L.L. and W.A. Smalley in Creek, Oklahoma. Hamner was killed and the Smalley brothers were captured during the getaway, leaving Richetti with $800 dollars when he escaped. But luck wasn’t on his side when he got caught two hours later. He stayed in prison for four months before he got released under a $15,000 bond. He quickly disappeared for many months. He eventually reappeared in a bank robbery in Ash Grove, Missouri. On January 12, 1933, …show more content…

During those months he hid, he met Pretty Boy Floyd and became good friends with each other. They went on a crime spree on the summer of 1933 which they stole a car from Oklahoma and $1,638 from a bank in Mexico, Missouri. Funny enough, the Kansas City Massacre, which was an escape attempt by Frank Nash and his partners, happened and resulted in Nash and four of his guards dead. Meanwhile, both Richetti and Floyd were robbing other banks and got themselves an apartment up in Buffalo, New York where they stayed with their girlfriends. But on October 10, 1934, both of them were identified as some of the triggermen for the massacre. This left Richetti’s friend as the “public enemy #1”. Floyd’s gun was used in the shootout and with a questionable testimony from a female associates, Floyd had enough to be convicted of the crime. Being known as a good friend of his, Richetti was also assumed to have participated. They fled but eventually got caught. The trail had many eyewitnesses that identified him even though they all previously either identified other people or weren’t able to. Three days later, Richetti was sent to prison with the

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