Adam Grant's Chump Change: An Analysis

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There are times when we experience events where our perspective of life changes and thus make us change how we respond to new circumstances we encounter. In chapter seven, “Chump Change,” of, Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, the author Adam Grant describes two people as “failures givers” for caring about others more than their own good when it comes to professional situations. He describes these two situations because these people went from failure givers to successful givers when they experienced feeling in disadvantage for helping others too much. Grant highlights that is good to be a giver, however there has to limits to how much we can help others. These examples remind us of how a change of perspective can greatly…show more content…
Bauer is a hardworking manager of a firm. She identifies herself as giver because she likes to help people. However, her devotion to help others was holding her back from being promoted to a higher position. In his book, Grant highlights that givers are the ones of the top of success and they are also in the bottom of failure. Bauer was a failure giver because she was giving too much without realizing how it hurt her position. When she noticed that the people she helped were being promoted and she stayed behind her perspective of being a giver changed. For her being a giver meant to help anyone that needed help or seen in trouble. However, after seeing how some people that she helped did not even thank her, she understood that helping others has its limits. From then on, she continued helping others but only to those she believes were worth her time. She also started to help people at once. She would spend one day helping others, but that was it. Throughout her experience, she learned that helping others is not bad as long as it does not affect her professional work. Because of her changed of perspective she became a successful
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