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In the article by Adam Reyher, he is describing about what I think, if music does not keep evolving and changing, music will eventually die like if sharks stop moving forward, they will die. How we teach music in classrooms, it should not be taught word for word, but it should be “embraced” and be taught the way kids want to be taught in a fun way. Since music is always changing, it should involve latest software, not only newer instruments, but technology and interactive games that also teach a student. As in video games like RockBand and Guitar Hero, we notice just the fun way of playing a fake guitar and hitting notes to gain points. We do not realize we a learning a type of beat or rhythm behind a song but not to the full extent. According…show more content…
While students play the video games, not only do they hold control of what happens, but they also have to use a different point of view, “thinking about their actions like an outsider looking in.” With this, students are forced to pay attention to what is happening to get past an obstacle or even beat the level. He brings up the word metacognitive in his article, meaning to think of your own thinking. “Strong metacognitive functions give students an awareness, or an understanding, of their own thought processes. Metacognitive functions provide one with autonomy or control of one’s own intellectual…show more content…
That’s a major question. In an article by Emily Sohn, she describes how games are actually beneficial to many. She grabs a quote from an author James Gee that states, “A good video game is challenging, entertaining, and complicated, Gee says. It usually takes 50 to 60 hours of intense concentration to finish one. Even kids who can’t sit still in school can spend hours trying to solve a video or computer game.” In school, lectures to young students can be very boring and cause them to get side track and not pay attention which could be harmful to their grade, but what if you put the teaching into a video game? It is almost sure that a young student would sit and pay attention as he or she plays the game to finish the level, but in the end actually learn something. On another aspect, Sohn also has another quote from Gee exclaiming, “Kids diagnosed with ADHD because they can 't pay attention will play games for 9 straight hours on the computer . . . The game focuses attention in a way that school

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