Adam Shepard Research Paper

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Introduction Adam Shepard was a man with a plan. Wanting to prove that the american dream is possible for anyone he set out on a quest to start from the lowest class and work his way up. Through his journey he works ruthless man hours with only a fraction of income to make a new life and prove that the American dream was possible for anyone. On the other hand, Chris McCandless was a man with one goal, to prove that he was self reliant. Issues in his own family and belief that society was wrong, he disappeared without a word or letter to his family, and set out to live off the land. Through both their own adventures that have both proved a point, but Shepard was more impactful and admirable because he did it for society while McCandless did it for his own satisfaction.
With controversial topics such a poverty thriving throughout the US, Shepard made a plan to show that it 's possible that anyone can lift themselves
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Before executing his experiment Shepard had been dealing with his mother 's fight against lymphoma. That was something that was always going to be on the back burner of his mind throughout the course of his journey, But he knew that his mother was “a fighter, with a vibrant spirit at every battle” (204). Having a strong willed mother may have influenced him to not give up and understood that going through hard times will only benefit and make oneself stronger. While McCandless only went on his adventure for the purpose of self satisfaction. McCandless seemed to have apparent issues within society and “he would rave about that of thing for hours” (Krakauer 7), but took no action to resolve the issue. Problematic issues like world hungry and the difference of society between the privileged and unprivileged. With his social status and education he possibly could have changed the lives of many and helped people possible get back on their
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