Adam Trask Analysis

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“His whispered word seemed to hang in the air: ‘Timshel’’’ (Steinbeck 602). In East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Adam Trask says one word to forgive Caleb and free him from feeling rejected. Adam shows that he is honorable through his actions and feelings. He is against violence, he serves his time, and he pays his debts. He feels remorse for sending men into the army and will not accept money earned from war. The people around him like him for his personality and behavior. His plans for his future cause him to be well received in his new home. He is naive in that he sees the best in people. He does not see the negatives in people or his ideas. Despite the fact that Adam Trask neglects his children for most of their lives, he demonstrates his selfless and good-hearted characteristics by being naive, honorable and likable. Firstly, Adam shows that he is good and honorable in many ways. Despite being a great shooter, he never purposely kills anyone during his time in the army. Steinbeck show Adam’s opposition to violence by writing, “During these five years of soldiering Adam did more detail work than any man in the squadron, but if he killed any enemy it was an accident of ricochet” (Steinbeck 35). He does not see the point is the fighting and believes that it is useless. Adams honorable nature causes him to value other's lives over his own since…show more content…
When Adam presents his plan, Will declares that, “Everything’s wrong with it” (Steinbeck 436). Despite Will’s advice, he invests in refrigeration anyways. Adam follows through with his plan because he disregards conflicting ideas. Also, Adam thinks Aron is better that he really is. He is convinced that Aron likes college despite that fact that Aron “was miserable” at college (Steinbeck 523). Adam does not see that Aron does not like college because Adam exaggerates Aron’s positive so much so that they overshadow his
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