Adam Zyglis Cartoon Analysis

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Adam Zyglis' cartoon is one of the most interesting cartoon that I can retrieve from the search engine. The cartoon by Adam Zyglis is about violence against women. There are a lot of problems about violence against women that has been occurring for a long time now. Women who are already married tends to be the victims. Likewise, there are also single women who are beaten up by men. Adam Zyglis' picture is expressing the way the victims and people who are involved in this incident act towards violence against women, especially the NFL player's wife in this case. This picture by Adam Zyglis is speaking with its loudest voice to get rid of violence against NFL players' wives. This cartoon was published in the Buffalo News on September 18 2014.…show more content…
Moreover, it might be their husband who did not want this incident to go public so that it would not risk their career, their husband's manager who also did not want to lose a job if the player was dismissed from the league, and the NFL itself who did not want its name to be stained. Based on some story by the victims, the NFL also did not reply to some of these reported violence cases by their player. NFL players have a lot of backup, and some of the big people in the NFL also did not want the player to be dismissed from the league because of this incident. There are some confessions by one of the victim that when her neighbor called the police and filed a report, the police came to her house and did not arrest her husband, and what they did was they chatted, laughed, and some of them also asked for a signature for their kids. There are a lot of possibilities about who might be the person who wants to cover up and conceal this incident, because there are many people who will be at a disadvantage to defend someone who is…show more content…
Adam Zyglis is pretty clear in addressing it, because he is very direct in telling who is the victim. The woman also has a frown and long face on her face, and it expressed her feeling of sadness and burden in her life. Bag under her eyes also symbolizes that she is very stressed by her current situation. The bag under her eyes occurred because of her husband action towards her that made her stressed and caused that bag under her eyes. Is it effective? Yes, very effective. The way Adam Zyglis present this cartoon is impressively professional. I can understand the meaning of this picture when I saw it even if it is a simple drawing. Adam Zyglis also had a good meaning behind this picture, that we should protect women and find those people who want to cover up this incident. The people who he wants to address to was explained pretty clear by his drawing. He also leaves some impact for the people who have seen his
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