Adams County Fair Narrative

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The Adams County Fair
We were driving up and I had already seen the huge building I asked what it was and my mom said,”it is a demolition derby.” I asked if we could go see how much it costs so we walked over it was $25 per ticket and there was three of us so we couldn’t, so we went and got some ride wristbands, after we got our wristbands we walked around to see what they had, as we walked we saw a Tower of Doom and I asked if we can ride it and she said yes so we walked over and there was no one in line. So we hopped into a seat and got ready to go up we had to wait a minute so some other people could get on. Then the instructor closed the small gate so he could walk around and check our buckles after that it started rising, it was higher than I had anticipated I knew
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I kept sweating from my hands I was nervous I took multiple deep breath’s but it didn’t seem to work then out of nowhere it dropped in about 2.5 seconds. Once we were on the ground my mom 's boyfriend was laughing like the joker. I had so much adrenaline we saw a ride that went up and down so we got on we didn’t expect it to rotate and be as fast as it was, long story short i 'm still dizzy. After that we went on the tilt-a-whirl and since i’m only 11 they had checked my height, as we got on we walked around looking for a clean seat and as we got on it started we spinned round and round but we could tell it wasn’t oiled enough, we got done with riding the tilt-a-whirl. Then I got a cherry smoothie and it was the best I had ever tasted, after I drank it, I asked to go on a ride that goes round and round picking up speed after that I was dizzy I could walk, so I went back to my mom and her boyfriend and we played some games. After walking around for a while it was finally getting dark and as that happened I started to hear live music from a band and started to really smell the food, nachos,corndogs,hotdogs,beef,pork and cotton candy. I got a corndog it smelled so good as I ate
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