Adaptation In Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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The Call of the Wild: Buck learns to adapt. “Adaptability is being able to adjust to any situation at any given time”, said John Wooden . A theme for Jack London's “The Call of the Wild” is adaptability is essential for survival. At the beginning of the book Buck realizes he has to adapt to the North. First, Buck learns how to survive from people. For example, Buck learns the “law of club” from the man in the red sweater. Since, the“ law of club” Buck learns to not attack people if they have a club. Second, Buck learns the “ law of fang”. For instance, Curly dies because he was in a fight and he got knocked off his feet and dies. Since, the “law of fang” Buck learns in a fight do not go down or you are dead. Last, Buck learns to adapt to the cold climate of the north. For example, Buck learns to sleep under the snow or you die of hypothermia. So, bucks sleeps under the snow every night. In conclusion, Buck learns to adapt to the north in the beginning. In the middle of the book Buck has to learn to adapt to be the alpha of the team. First, Buck needs to fight Spitz. For example, Buck gets all the sled dogs on his side by making them all hate Spitz because he sabotages to make them disobey Spitz. Since, all the sled dogs are on Buck's side, he will have the advantage when he fights Spitz. Second, Buck is a great…show more content…
First, Buck is taken care of by a woodsman John Thorton. For example, he lives in a hut and makes a raft out of wood to survive in nature. Since, John Thorton is a woodsman buck will learn to live in nature.Second, when John Thorton goes looking for gold. For instance, Buck runs off to the wild and kills a bear and a moose. Since, he runs off, he is practically living in nature. Last, John Thorton dies. For Example, when he dies bucks joins a wild wolf pack and eventually becomes the leader. Since, he is in a wolf pack he lives in nature now. In conclusion, Buck adapted to living in
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