Adapting To Communication: The Importance Of Communication

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Communication, whether verbal or in writing, is important to understand, considering people communicate with others every day. Philosophers like Aristotle and Plato spent time writing about their ideas revolving around communication. Though these philosophers lived approximately 2,500 years ago, their implications still relate to modern society. For example, these philosophers arrive to conclusions regarding adapting to the audience, establishing credibility, and being clear and precise. These passages from Aristotle and Plato both indicate how a twenty-first century communicator should approach communication, and how it can improve situations in which communication is used in society.
Adapting to the audience is important to communication and is an idea discussed in Aristotle’s Rhetoric Book 1 Chapter 1. He states, “It is clear, then, that rhetoric is not bound up with a single definite class of subjects but is as universal as dialectic; it is clear, also, that is useful” (3). According to Aristotle, rhetoric is used differently in every situation because there is a different audience and subject. As a communicator, I need to be able to adapt to my audience. For example, I am going to text my mom differently then I would a close friend because I have different experiences and relationships with each of them. If I texted my mom about the Crusader Knights competition I went to, I would need to go into details and give an explanation of what it was because she would not know
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