Catfish In The Bathtub Analysis

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Adapting to the Chinese Culture.

Each one has difficulty in adapting to a specific culture, and especially if we are concentrating on the Chinese culture. For example, the author Elizabeth, in “The Struggle to Be an All- American Girl”, talked about her childhood’s experience of learning Chinese language. However, the author Kingston, in “Catfish in the Bathtub”, described the difficulties that she has faced in order to adapt with the Chinese food. Despite bearing some minor similarities between both articles, the difference between them relies on author’s purpose and tone, cultures background, obliging both authors, and refusing the obligations. Each author was expressing her feelings in a different way, which means that the purposes
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Moreover, the author didn’t like the Chinese class, and she described it by having a disgusting smell. For instance, she said that the Chinese classroom smiled like Chinese medicine, and dirty closets. While she preferred the soft perfume of her American teacher that she wore in American school. In addition, her mother always forced her to speak in Chinese language instead of the English language because her mother didn’t know how to speak English well. In addition, the author’s father makes fun on his wife by naming her an English name. While in the second article “Catfish in the Bathtub” the mother’s author forced her daughter to eat the Chinese food. For example, the author said in a funny way that if she didn’t eat, the mother will shout her on her head. Also, she had eaten a weird food. In addition, the author described the different type of the food that she used to eat in child age like raccoons, skunks, catfish in the bathtub, or the screaming of the birds. She talked about some weird food or disgusting or even some bloody, violent killing she had experienced and the culture behind them. In addition, she mentioned that he has been forced by her mother to eat from the monkey when the visitors were on their

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