Adapting To The Chinese Culture In Kingston's 'Catfish In The Bathtub'

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Adapting to the Chinese Culture.

Each one has difficulty in adapting to a specific culture, and especially if we are concentrating on the Chinese culture. For example, the author Elizabeth, in “The Struggle to Be an All- American Girl”, talked about her childhood’s experience of learning Chinese language. However, the author Kingston, in “Catfish in the Bathtub”, described the difficulties that she has faced in order to adapt with the Chinese food. Despite bearing some minor similarities between both articles, the difference between them relies on author’s purpose and tone, cultures background, obliging both authors, and refusing the obligations. Each author was expressing her feelings in a different way, which means that the purposes and the tone exchanged were separable. For instance, the purpose of Kingston was to describe a particular ritual in a culture which is the food. Also he was concentrating only on the Chinese food, and he described the shape of the monkey that he obliged to eat. Moreover, Kingston showed in her descriptive article a passive tone which describes her mother’s unique culture in preparing food. On the other hand, the purpose of Wong was to show that there are many negative sides for the Chinese culture. She didn’t concentrate only on the language, but she also criticized a whole country by its culture, language, people, and smell. Additionally, Wong showed a kind of criticism and disapproval of learning Chinese, and being forced by her mother

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